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Himalayan Salt Bricks

How to Install a Wall of Himalayan Salt Bricks

Nowadays, the trend of installing Himalayan salt bricks, tiles, and blocks is getting hype. People are choosing them for the exceptional decor in the interiors of homes and therapy areas. Undoubtedly, this is an astounding choice for all holistic product lovers. So, let’s get started. This is the most essential step while installing a wall of salt tiles and bricks. An owner and builder both should be careful about it.

There are multiple ways regarding the installation of the Himalayan salt wall. You can go for the option of salt walls made entirely of salt bricks and tiles or you can have the option of installing panels at different parts of walls. Interestingly, here we will also discuss the fixation of small LED lights on the back side of bricks or tiles. In this way, there will be a loveable illuminating environment.

The presence of these bricks and tiles in your surrounding let you have many types of health-boosting therapies. The color combinations are calming. It is also known for cleaning air pollutants. That’s why they are so popular in salt spas, rooms, and workplaces. Authentic information can help a client easily regarding the matter of installation of Himalayan salt bricks. Moreover, this is not rocket science to install a Himalayan salt wall at your home or workplace, but you have to take care of some rules and regulations. Following, we will discuss this in detail.

Why Himalayan Salt Bricks for Constructing a Wall?

The use of Himalayan salt bricks for constructing walls gives you alluring decor and wellness at the same time. There is a plethora of healing powers these bricks have to offer. There is no artificial involvement in the entire process of installing a Himalayan salt wall. The original reserves of these bricks are in the Khewra mines, in Pakistan. They are authentically extracted from their original reserve and shipped to you after being crafted. The process of crafting also keeps them in the same natural condition. So there is no involvement of any additives or hazardous refining processes. It reaches you in pure form as we extract it from the deep foothill mines.

Millions of years ago an ancient sea deposit in Pakistan. We named it as Himalayan Salt Range. We cut them down in the form of gigantic boulders. The huge boulders of Himalayan salt are shaped into fine salt tiles and bricks. They reach you in pure form and are used in health therapies and decoration purposes. When we talk about health therapies, the salt rooms are top-notch.

Appropriate Use of Salt Adhesive

Salt Adhesive

Firstly, the use of common glue for the salt bricks and tiles can react with salt. Moreover, common glue doesn’t let the light go through from salt bricks. We specifically designed salt adhesives to glue Himalayan salt bricks, tiles, or blocks.

Before applying salt adhesives to tiles and bricks, you have to clean them with a dry piece of cloth. There should not be exposure to dust on the product. Use the salt adhesive according to the requirements otherwise, there will be worse effects. There is a specific time that a glue needs to be dry. You should be careful about it otherwise it will not do the gluing.

Assembling of Himalayan Salt Bricks

No doubt, assembling is the creative process. If you want to have creative crafting at your home, you should hire an experienced installer of bricks and a sculptor as well. Sculptors can chisel or craft crystalline salt tiles and bricks decoratively.

Keep in mind to choose a color combination of tiles. There is a wide range of natural color combinations of salt bricks and tiles. You can install a wall of the same color or you can customize the color combination according to your choices.

The Glue Free Method

Salt adhesive gives a white color to the joining sections of tiles. It is clearly visible. Sometimes clients want to have a plane section of Himalayan salt rock for decoration. In this way, Himalayan salt wall panels of wooden or metal frames are used. They are just ready to place where you want.

Cleaning of Himalayan Salt Bricks And Salt Tiles

There are various techniques, and procedures to clean Himalayan salt tiles. Use a piece of soft and dry clothes for cleaning. Never use water or soap for cleaning. Do not use water guns or liquid sprays for shining and cleaning the Himalayan salt wall.

Protection from Water

Always install the wall in a dry place. Water exposure can harm or dissolve salt frequently. Rain, water, and humidity can affect the Himalayan salt bricks and salt tiles. In this way, interior installation is an effective and long-lasting option. Moreover, the indoor location should not be so humid as well.

Sealing Again & Again

With the passage of time, tiles can get spacing between them or there might be overexposure of soil here.

In this way, you have to re-seal it with the salt adhesive. It will increase the life of your Himalayan salt wall. You should have proper knowledge about the sealing. So get the sealant’s directions to have an appropriate application. There should not be any space between the tiles or bricks. It can lead to moisture getting through salt bricks, which affects them slowly. If you think there are some unattractive stains on the Himalayan salt bricks or tiles, you can use Over Unique Pure salt adhesive to manage those stains.

Where to Build a Salt Wall?

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall

These are the most frequently asked questions from the customers. Before displaying the salt wall in your residences, consider where you want that wall. I recommend that you interior locations because there is no involvement of rain, snowfall, water, sunlight, and humidity.

Never go for exterior enhancement since the weather might ruin your creation. Change your financial arrangement as well. One thing to keep in mind is that these walls are not cheap, so choose according to your budget. If you are curious about installing salt walls in the open sky then you can alternate with the option of shades. Shades or hard sheets can help bricks and tiles to repel rain, humidity, or water exposure. Build Himalayan salt bricks and salt tiles in your house or at work space to get its utmost healing powers that will keep you energetic, focused, and stress-free.

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