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About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature.
It's time to create a new feeling.


Since its establishment in 2014, the Pink Salt Wall has continued to grow, drawing its strength from its family dimension, from a long-term strategic vision and from the expertise of its teams driven by a common passion. In keeping with our history and with our culture, we are driven by the core values that unite us. Today, we are reaffirming these values to continue our development and achieve our ambitions.


The Himalayan pink salt products are not only used for decoration purposes, but also possess health benefits. Our mission is to increase awareness of health benefits of Himalayan Salt and offer help to health and wellness industry throughout the world. To meet that challenge, we are engaged in two areas. We are supporting medical research being conducted to confirm the effects of Himalayan Salt on human body, especially it’s efficacy on inhibiting Allergies and Asthma. Educating health Spa and wellness industry to maximize use of Himalayan Salt in their facilities. To that goal, we are conducting educational seminars and one-to-one meetings with professionals in this domain. Establishing collaborations between health spa facilities and medical researchers is our goal.


Boldness has long been one of the Group’s core values. It is inherent to our entrepreneurial mindset and to our passion for development. Boldness, which enables us to reach beyond our limits, never settle and always overcome every obstacle, plays a fundamental role in our ongoing development.


Our knowledge and long-term experience allow us to provide help and advice on all matters related to building a salt wall or a salt room. We provide customized wall design systems and the construction expertise of salt rooms.

Our high quality salt products include salt crystals, rocks, bricks, tiles and more. These products are manufactured with high care. We make every effort to guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction, including quality control measures throughout our international supply chain. We have an aim to provide customers with a safe and secure purchasing experience.

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