Duo–Himalayan Salt Bricks – Pack of 2 – Free Shipping


  • Duo –  is a pack of 2 equally sized bricks made of pure Himalayan pink salt.  
  • This absolutely affordable pack is exclusively made for the customers who love to DIY, detox, and the ones who don’t move forward without a sample. 
  • They have a natural pink color and precise dimensions which make it well-suited for various cooking/serving and building purposes.
  • They are popularly used for detoxification purposes through a technique in which both the feet have to be placed on the bricks and the body should be in a relaxed position. 
  • This technique helps in drawing out harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body. 
  • They are proven to give a fancy yet healthy touch to the surroundings. 
  • They have an extraordinary ability to catch the harmful particles of the surroundings and catch them up in the salt crystals. 
  • They also make the surroundings soothing by controlling the room temperature.
  • For this very reason, they are used to make therapeutic salt rooms and meditational spots. 
  • The dimensions of salt brick are 8″(L) x 4″(W) x 2″(H).
  • The net weight of each brick is 5.5 pounds.
  • The total weight of this complete pack is 11.1 pounds.

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  • Pair – is a bunch of 2 similarly estimated Himalayan salt bricks made of unadulterated Himalayan pink salt.
  • It solely made this totally reasonable pack for the clients who love to Do-It-Yourself, detox, and the ones who don’t push ahead without an example.
  • They have a characteristic pink tone and exact aspects,, which make it appropriate for different cooking/filling and building needs.
  • It prominently involved them for detoxification purposes through a method in which both we must put the feet on the blocks and the body ought to be in a casual position.
  • This method helps in drawing out hurtful poisons and weighty metals from the body.
  • We demonstrate them to give an extravagant yet solid touch to the environmental factors.
  • They have an exceptional capacity to get the hurtful particles of the environmental factors and catch them up in the salt precious stones.
  • Salt Brick Back rub Stones: Salt brick is utilize as back rub stones. Warmed, we put Himalayan salt bricks on the body during kneads, giving unwinding and the expected advantages of salt treatment.
  • Salt Brick Bathing: Some people take baths with smaller Himalayan salt blocks. We believe that soaking the Himalayan salt bricks in warm water will calm you and enhance your skin.
  • Decor with Salt Brick: Himalayan pink Salt brick is utilise in interior design. It can be arrange to create interesting lighting fixtures, beautiful walls, or dividers. Their gentle, mellow glow gives spaces a refined, relaxing feel.
  • They additionally make the environmental elements alleviating by controlling the room’s temperature.
  • For this very reason, it accustomed them to making remedial salt rooms and meditational spots.
  • The components of salt blocks are 8″(L) x 4″(W) x 2″(H).
  • The net load of every block is 5.5 pounds.
  • The all out weight of this total pack is 11.1 pounds.

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 2 cm


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