Saltite – Salt Glue – Pack of 50 – Free Shipping


  • This pack contains 10 Salt-adhesive
  • Build your salt wall without any mess.
  • No chemically induced side effects on your salt bricks.
  • It can be use to repair your Himalayan salt products as well.
  • Weight 43 pounds.
  • FREE Shipping is available.
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  • Materials: Himalayan Pink Salt
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  • This pack contains 50 Salt Adhesive
  • The surface must be clean, dry, and level before the salt brick wall can be built on it.
  • Dust and other debris shouldn’t be lying about either.
  • To lay the first row, it should apply a thin layer of salt glue on the underside of the salt bricks.
  • A thin coat of glue like this ought to be sufficient for a secure join.
  • Carefully arrange the bricks on the prepared surface, using spacers to keep brick-to-brick distances uniform if required.
  • Make sure the first row is completely horizontal with a level.
  • Moreover, a thin layer of salt glue for joint salt bricks should be apply to the top surface of the first row of salt bricks before we lay the next row.
  • For the best results, apply a generous coating of glue and smooth it out.
  • Place the next row of salt bricks on top of the first row, making sure they are level and in alignment with the spacers.
  • The salt glue on the underside of the second row of bricks will bond with the adhesive on the upper surface of the first row.
  • Moreover, Build your salt brick wall up row by row until it reaches the height you want it to be. Inspect the level and alignment at regular intervals.
  • Remove Excess Glue: If salt glue seeps through the spaces between the bricks. Wipe it away with a moist sponge or cloth.
  • We must clean joints for a smooth final product.
  • Wait: The suggested drying time for a salt brick wall varies with the type and concentration of salt glue used.
  • The salt glue will effectively hold the wall together once it has dried.
  • Weight 43 pounds. FREE Shipping is available.

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