Wellness Pack – 100


  • This mega pack consists of 100 salt bricks, a Music machine, 3 Salt adhesives, and 33 feet LED light string.
  • It is an ideal economy pack for extensive salt projects like building therapeutic salt rooms, home improvement, making meditation spaces, and much more. 
  • They have countless health benefits which make them fit to make salt saunas and salt therapeutic rooms.
  • The salt bricks have extraordinary anti-bacterial properties which purify the surroundings. 
  • The salty air produced by these bricks improves overall sleep patterns, and breathing conditions, balances pH levels, fights off allergies, and much more.

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  • Materials: Himalayan Pink Salt
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  • This Wellness Wellbeing group incorporates 100 salt bricks, 1 Music machine, 7 salt glues, and 66 feet of Driven light string.n this super pack.
  • For huge scope salt activities like making restorative salt rooms, rebuilding homes. Making regions for contemplation, and significantly more, it is the ideal financial Wellness pack.
  • It tends to be use to make salt saunas and salt treatment rooms due to their numerous wellbeing benefits.
  • The Himalayan salt blocks’ uncommon antibacterial characteristics help to detoxify the climate.
  • Strength of the Respiratory Framework: Salt treatment includes taking in minute salt particles.
  • These particles can ease respiratory problems, including asthma, sensitivities, and bronchitis by clearing blockages in the aviation routes, decreasing irritation, and doing as such.
  • Further developed Lung Capability: By bringing down bodily fluid and empowering further developed wind stream, salt treatment can further develop lung capability.
  • Alleviation from Sensitivity Side effects: By bringing down allergen openness and irritation, salt treatment helps ease sensitivity side effects. Wheezing, clog, and irritated eyes are among the side effects that it can treat.
  • Skin Conditions: Dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin break out are only a couple of the circumstances that can profit from salt treatment.
  • These issues can be help and further developed thanks to salt’s calming and antibacterial characteristics.
  • Stress decrease: A salt treatment room’s peaceful environment. Which is often enlivened with salt blocks, empowers unwinding and brings down strain.
  • Also, the salt’s arrival of pessimistic particles could upgrade sensations of prosperity.
  • This might bring about a more noteworthy admission of oxygen and better in general respiratory wellbeing.
  • These blocks’ pungent air works on breathing circumstances. Rest quality generally, keeps a steady pH level, battles sensitivities, and does much more.
  • Further developed Rest: By empowering unwinding and bringing down respiratory issues. That could upset rest, salt treatment can help the people who experience the ill effects of rest troubles.
  • Halotherapy is remembered to help with detoxifying by extricating poisons and pollutants from the body, improving general wellbeing.

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