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Himalayan salt therapy

Relax with Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave Treatments

Experience the benefits of dry Himalayan salt therapy, also known as heliotherapy, a natural therapy that harnesses the power of microparticles of salt. It combined these particles with Himalayan pink salt bricks on the walls to create a soothing environment. A halo generator transformed into microparticles the salt bricks and grounded Himalayan salt. We then […]

Himalayan salt bricks

Ten Wow Factors of Installing Himalayan Salt Bricks at Home

In this article, you will read about the ten undeniable wow factors of installing Himalayan salt bricks in your home or workplace. So read it and go for installation. Distinctive Decor These attention-grabbing salt bricks attract guests at first look. So, install them in the different locations of your home. Likewise, you can install them […]

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