Why Choose Us?

One of the biggest importers and retailers of pink Himalayan salt goods in the country is Pink Salt Bricks. Our goal is to make sure clients have a secure and safe shopping experience. Pink Salt Bricks offer assistance and guidance on all issues pertaining to salt products and salt rooms, thanks to our extensive expertise and experience. We are delighted to present our brand-new products, which are created from 100% pure Himalayan salt that is mined in the northern Pakistani province of Punjab from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. 

Check out our wide range of premium salt products, like salt lamps, crystals, boulders, and bricks. Plus, we’re experts in creating custom wall designs and building salt rooms. The Himalayan pink salt products have many health advantages in addition to being used for decoration. We implement quality control procedures throughout our global supply chain, and it produced these products with extreme care in an effort to ensure the greatest levels of client satisfaction. All the Himalayan salt goods are distributed regionally through our warehouse in California, USA, and are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility in Pakistan.