Pink Salt Bricks | About Us

Who We Are?
Pink Salt Bricks is an experienced merchant of Himalayan pink salt products. All items are professionally and creatively crafted in the Himalayan salt range, Khewra, Pakistan. We guarantee the purity and therapeutic benefits of our products.

Our Vision
We are responsible for delivering pure and therapeutic pink salt bricks and other salt products to our customers. Moreover, we educate through our blog content about the therapy benefits using Himalayan pink salt bricks.

Our Mission
Pink Salt Bricks focuses on providing pure salt products to its customers. Providing therapeutic items to purify the air and ultimately enable clean breathing. Simultaneously, we deliver educational content on our website to guide our customers about pink salt products appropriately.

Contact Us

Contact us for any query about our Himalayan pink salt products. You may also reach out to ask about the details of our services.

Our Products
The Pink Salt Bricks offers pure Wholesale Salt Products, Wholesale Salt Bricks, Wholesale Salt Tiles, Salt Adhesive -Saltite, Multi-salt blocks, Salt Cooking Blocks, Wholesale Salt Lamps and Granulated Salt. 

Why to Choose Us?
Pink Salt Bricks has many years of competitive experience in selling Himalayan pink salt products. We provide 100% natural pink salt products, extracted and crafted in Khewra salt mines, in Punjab, We have been educating customers about the therapeutic benefits and decorative factors. Our brand identity is customer care, purity, and natural products.