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“Pink Salt Bricks” is a product-selling and educational platform. We provide 100% natural pink salt products, extracted and crafted in Khewra salt mines, in Punjab, Pakistan. Our brand identity is customer care, purity, and natural goods. The product range includes salt bricks, blocks, tiles, and special salt adhesives. Applications of these “Pink Salt Bricks” are vast. You can construct walls, rooms, saunas, gyms, therapy centers, or workplaces. You can also design customized walls, rooms, or panels. For more creative and fine designs you can opt for salt tiles. “Pink Salt Bricks” clean impurities from the air and ultimately support our entire respiratory system. Therapy under salt bricks cures several chronic diseases naturally. We offer nationwide delivery in the United States of America.


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Benefits of Salt Room

A salt room offers numerous health benefits by creating a microclimate rich in beneficial negative ions and minerals. Breathing in the fine salt particles can help clear respiratory pathways, improve lung function, and alleviate conditions like asthma, allergies, and bronchitis.

Naturally Purify Air

The release of specific negative ions purifies the air, creating a healthier environment.

Increase Energy Levels

Consuming Himalayan salt enhances metabolism and boosts energy levels.

Perfect pH Balance

Reduced sodium content aids in maintaining a balanced pH and stable electrolytes.

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