Pink Salt Bricks

Pink Salt Bricks is a market leader in offering items like Himalayan Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles, and salt blocks made with the finest Himalayan salt. Pink Salt Bricks delighted to provide a variety of Himalayan salt goods, ranging from Salt Blocks to custom wall design systems and the building construction knowledge of salt rooms, while considering the benefits of Himalayan salt as a therapy option for our customers with respiratory and skin illnesses. All of these goods are delivered directly to your location from our manufacturing in Pakistan via our warehouse in California, USA.

Himalayan pink salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

It is damn true that Himalayan pink salt lamp help in giving you a sound sleep. In actuality, it purifies the air and releases negative ions. People probably think that just a lamp made of salt can give better sleep.

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

Himalayan salt cooking blocks are hand-cut salt blocks of regular pink salt cut from the immaculate profundities of the Himalayan mountains. So, these dazzling, clear blocks are a culinary pleasure as well as a health secret that has been loved for especially a long time. Their pink shade and rich mineral substance make them a one-of-a-kind extension to any kitchen.

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salt adhesive

Salt glue

Salt Adhesive

Build your own salt wall without any mess. Specifically custom-made sealant for Himalayan salt blocks. Using regular glue can react with salt and result in the backlight not being able to pass through the bricks. Transparent Saltite makes it preferable to white materials.  Acts and Dries relatively fast. Easy to use. No chemically induced side effects on your salt bricks. It can be used to repair your Himalayan salt products also.

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Himalayan salt bricks walls



Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an alternative treatment that involves inhaling dry salt particles in a controlled environment. While there is limited scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of halotherapy for treating pulmonary disorders, some individuals report experiencing benefits. It's essential to note that halotherapy should not replace conventional medical treatments, and individuals with pulmonary disorders should consult their healthcare providers before exploring alternative therapies. If you're considering halotherapy for pulmonary health,

Himalayan salt spas


Natural Sustainability

Himalayan salt is being utilized in a great deal of facial toners and cleans. The salt granules help in eliminating dead skin cells abandoning smooth and young gleaming skin. To place it more or less, pink Himalayan salt is brimming with benefits. It is nature's gift to humankind and helps in mitigating various wellbeing related issues brought about by components equaling nature.